How to do Bhastrika Pranayam

Choose the asana you are most comfortable with i.e Siddhasana, Sukasana or Padmasana.To sit in Siddhasana, Place your left heal on the top of the right thigh. Now place the right heal on top of left heal, toes against calves of your legs.Both knees touching the ground and both hand on the knees. Three fingers open and the tips of the thumb and the index finger touching. This is the pose of meditation and enlightenment. This is the position in which you should practice pranayam.

If you are suffering from Vath rog or Gas diseases then you can alter the pose of the hands to VAYU mudra with the index finger touching the base of the thumb instead of its tip. We can practice pranayam in this pose also. Apart from Siddhasana, you can sit in Padmasana, right foot place on left thigh, left foot on the right thigh. So if its possible for you to manage. Both heals should be placed on either side of the naval which can also be conducive to pranayama. If you find difficulty in sitting in these asanas then you can sit in your comfortable position which is known as Sukhasana.Make sure that the spinal cord should be straight. Pranayama can be done in this asana also. Those who cannot sit on floor, may sit in a chair and practise pranayama.

To start pranayam with the Bhastrika pranayam. Take a deep breath and release it with a sense of Joy, happiness and peacefulness. Patiently draw-in a deep breath upto the lungs to the diaphragm and make sure not in the stomach. Remember there is no organ in the stomach or part which can absorb oxygen. Oxygen is absorbed by our lungs so  make sure that you take breath deeply inside your lungs and not your stomach. As we draw-in the breath with the feeling of purity, divinity, power and cosmic energy. We are inhaling deeply and exhaling.
The pressure on inhaling and exhaling should be the same. Inhale deeply and exhale with full force. And while you exhale take care that you exhale completely. You will experience happiness and sense of achievement. All the divine powers, energy , purity , health and all that sublimes in the universe , i am taking it in my mind , in my breath, in my body and in my soul. There should be no stress, the face should convey ease and concentration and blissful sense of achievement. Sense of accomplishment.You should feel happy and the same emotions should reflect on your face. Whenever you feel tired take a breath and take rest and then start again. For healthy heart, healthy lungs, and all mental stress problems especially those who have problems of depressions should do Bhastrika pranayama. Those who get migraine pain should do Bhastrika pranayama. Problem of Depression, Parkinson disease, paralysis will be relieved of all these problems by doing bhastrika pranayama. Also the nerves will become revitalized. Pran , Apana, Vyana, Udana , Samana, these are the five prana that make the body function. By pratising the Bhastrika pranayama all the five pranas become strong and healthy and are being revitalised. Experience the divine splendour, the divine glow, divine light , divine being , divine developments and the supreme powers and practise pranayama. By practising this pranayama, a person’s external glow increases. Our body’s aura expands further and this mystical energy or the force expands. Relax again after doing bhastrika pranayama. In this way you can practice the Bhastrika pranayama everyday for 2 minutes and if you want to do more for more you can do for the maximum 5 minutes and not more than that. Pranayama should be done by everyone and people who do it everyday will never feel sick in their life.