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Cure for Insomnia problem

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Signs for Addiction to online dating to find a perfect match

Online dating is fun. Just like Facebook or Twitter, people these days find the dating sites pretty cool too. And they are. We live in a world where even Huggies is ordered from Flipkart.

Not that I have a problem with either Huggies or Flipkart, I just want to prove, for a point that the virtual world is widening its horizons. While everything else is becoming digital, why won’t dating? I have even seen people get married to a person they met online. It’s not a taboo anymore, your perfect match could be waiting online there

So far so good. But when you become way too social on these social networks, that’s where the problem starts. Though dating and late night talks are perfectly healthy, you should know when to stop yourself. I believe that a little flirting now and then is just as normal as breathing oxygen but that doesn’t mean you become a Casanova. Online dating, likewise, is a very positive thing, if people don’t take it for granted. But online dating also has some negative aspects and being an addict would just be the worst of them. In case you are not quite sure if you fit-in the addict category or not, we would simplify it for you by trimming out the 10 signs of an online dating addict:

1. You socialize less with ‘real friends’ and more with ‘virtual friends’ :  If you have started relying on the internet for a friendly little chat with someone from a far away country more than catching up your friends for a cup of coffee, you sincerely need help. Pay attention to those whining old friends who say they don’t see more of you and get out of that stinky old room where you sit all day talking cheesy. You don’t want to end-up alone after all, right

2. You are becoming introvert and isolated:  You have not realized it yet but you find spending time with your computer and all the ‘friends’ that live in it more entertaining than the real world.You spend more time typing than talking. You just exchange greetings with people around you because you have more important dates coming from the internet. If that is your scene, please go out and converse with people, you don’t want to become an autistic dating addict!

3. Your mind keeps going back to your ‘virtual life’ : Just like people keep updating everything and anything on Facebook and then keep checking for likes and comments, you have found your recluse in those dating sites. You love to discover more and more matches and fix up dates,not because you want to find a true lover, but because you are now addicted to the stuff. You can’t get your mind off the thing and half of your day’s work gets messed up because of it.

4. The first thing you do when reach home is find your laptop: You can’t live without it simply. Now a little curiosity is understandable but when you can’t just take it away from your mind, you seriously should get out of the mess

5. You are becoming a zombie : You are always late to the bed because of all the late night talks and thus late in the morning. This has just become the cycle of your life. Get your routine right, no one would date a zombie!4

6. You have constant mood swings : Now any kind of addiction plays with your mind and gets your nerves to do funny things. If you find yourself shouting on people without any reason or feeling irritated for no reason, you should know that you have become an addict. Try to calm yourself down by cutting up the amount of time you spend on the internet and taking a walk out in the open.

Now there is no hard and fast rule of online dating. You don’t really know what is right and what is wrong but trust your instincts. In a quest to dig up the gold, you might end up with nothing. Who would want to go out with a person who spends more time on online dating sites than with real people. Practice your skills and prepare yourself. You don’t want your perfect match to pass you by while you are busy chatting with some stranger on the laptop.



New single searching for flawless match for myself

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